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Tourists think that life on an island off the coast of Maine is postcard-perfect, but sixteen-year-old Charlotte knows better. She has five days to get her boarding school applications in the mail and escape from the island she calls Bleak. As the hours tick by and the snow piles up, Charlotte’s plan begins to unravel.

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“Carlton’s writing is rich yet elastic, thick with wordplay while maintaining humorous energy in Charlotte’s voice….The unresolved messiness and complicated unknowns pack a wallop of unusual authenticity, and readers will revel in Charlotte’s sharp, funny company.”
The Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books (starred review)

“Charlotte is sixteen and lives on an island off Portland that she nicknames Bleak. More than likeable, Charlotte spends a lot of time running in heels to and from the ferry to Portland. The breezy style and familiar teen problems and feelings make this a very appealing teen read.”
New England Bookselling Advisory Council

“In Lobsterland, the sparks fly in the mind of 16-year-old Charlotte Alice Wise. And they create a story that is everything a good coming-of-age novel should be.”
Portland Press Herald